23 Days in July: Inside the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong’s Record-Breaking Victory

John Wilcockson

344 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0306814552


Language: English

Publish: 1118818800000


Taking place over twenty-three days in July and across more than 2,100 miles of smooth blacktop, rough cobblestones, and punishing mountain terrain, the Tour de France is the most grueling sports event in the world. And in 2004, five-time champion Lance Armstrong set out to achieve what no other cyclist in the 100-year history of the race had ever win a sixth Tour de France.Armstrong had four serious challengers who wanted nothing more than to deny the man the French call Le Boss from achieving his goal. The major threat among them was the only other former Tour de France champion in last year’s race, Germany’s Jan Ullrich- The Kaiser . But when the race was over, Lance Armstrong once again wore the yellow jersey of victory.

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