“A” Is for Zebra

Mark Shulman

32 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 1402734948


Language: English

Publish: April 28, 2006


Mark Shulman and Tamara Petrosino return with a fabulous follow-up to last season’s AA is for Aardvark . And it’s got a clever new twist.
The alphabetic antics continue—starting from the end! That’s why A is for zebrA and Z is for jazZ , and nothing’s what you’d expect. The featured letter doesn’t appear just once—it’s sprinkled throughout the hilarious illustrations. The I page not only has sushI , there’s delI , spaghettI , graffitI , and khakI , too. And if you think working backwards makes it easier, well, just try to come up with words that end in Q or J! The results can be quite surprising!
Teachers, librarians, parents, and kids will love the silly—but smart—acrobatics involved in unearthing all these words, along with the witty way the book reinforces the sounds of letters and teaches kids how much fun playing with language can be.

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