A Million Little Pieces of Feces

Python Bonkers

260 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 1411677315


Language: English

Publish: February 10, 2006

Late night shots ring out in tranquil Hermosa Beach, California, heralding the mysterious assassination of a nondescript pussycat. Will the trail lead to an enigmatic code hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci? Will a breathless race through the streets of Los Angeles lead back to Hermosa, where an explosive truth, contemplated for centuries, is finally unveiled as the Formula for God – reconciling religion’s compatibility with physics? Well, no to the first question, and as for the second question, well, I guess it’s all a question of faith. Nevertheless, conquer your own fear and loathing of fake memoirs and take a wild ride with the most original voice to come along in years. Truth is stranger than fiction; so much so, that sometimes it has to be toned down and just called fiction.

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