Amores & Metamorphoses: Selections


224 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0865164312


Language: Latin

Publish: July 15, 2012

The source of Ovid’s enduring appeal is his Amores are written with the wit and humor—and sometimes the regret—of one who has seen love fi rst hand. His Metamorphoses, an epic tale of transformations, is the sparkling work of a consummate storyteller. This edition is organized to facilitate reading, comprehension, and enjoyment of a poet whose sometimes startling voice rings as clear and true today as it did in his own day. This edition • introduction to each passage • unadapted Latin texts of six Amores and fi ve selections from the Metamorphoses • samepage grammatical/syntactical/vocabulary notes • translation questions and answers, to prompt reading comprehension • glossaries of metrical terms and fi gures of speech • high-frequency vocabulary list • translation tips for reading Ovid • topical bibliography

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