Arte y Ciencia del Diseo Web

Jeffrey Veen

None pages, Paperback

ISBN: 842053157X


Language: Spanish; Castilian

Publish: 978336000000


When it comes to Web design, style guides are often too boring and predictable to capture the attention of caffeine-riddled Web developers. But not The Art & Science of Web Design ; this book strategically equips readers to design sites effectively. Jeffrey Veen, an established design guru and one of the creators of, has authored a carefully structured look into the undercurrents of Web design. Organized around the key development topics, the book is laden with a historical background of standards, features, and trends. Yet the topics are timeless and core to good Web engineering, so it’s space well spent. The mix of expert opinion and historical explanation creates a well-rounded reader experience. Issues such as interface consistency are explored within the unique paradigm of the Web, with the assistance of a sidebar to explain what “above the fold” means. Performance is discussed with an unusual the current constraint on Web-browsing performance is actually good since it fosters creativity and more elegant design and development. This, beyond the usual design tips, is what makes this book special. Art & Science stays at a reasonably high altitude, dwelling not on the fine details of browser compatibility but rather on the key areas designers need to be concerned about. With his years of experience and knowledge of the legacy of traditional publishing, Veen has provided a great perspective on the dicey work of Web designers. –Stephen W. Plain Topics Technology history (publishing, presentation model) Interface consistency Site structure Interactivity and self-aware content Browsers Performance Web advertising Database-driven content

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