Conversations with J.K. Rowling

Lindsey Fraser

96 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0439314550


Language: English

Publish: 1001919600000


The name J.K. Rowling is one that is on the lips of millions of readers worldwide, but before 1997 few people knew the brilliant woman behind the phenomenally successful Harry Potter books. And now, four books into the series, few yet know the real story of Ms. Rowling’s childhood and career as a writer. This is the first and only true telling of Ms. Rowling’s history because it is in her own words, from her birth in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol, England, to the stories about her favorite and least favorite teachers in school growing up, and to the funny misunderstanding in her first fan letter. It is like a visit with a friend, a friend who has brought you to tears with laughter and told the most enchanting stories you’ve ever been told.

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