Empress in the Wrinkle of Time

Valerie Metcalf Estoye

508 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0738817538


Language: English

Publish: August 28, 2000

Tai’sonn Donsibi is a cyborg, an empress of a distant and mysterious world, and an extraordinary beauty. She inherited powerful talents from her father, a Mirrorian. And she knows what the future holds for the Galaxy, because she’s been there. She has come back in time to change it, because if she didn’t, there would be no future at all. At least, not for humans. But to change the future she must enlist the help of a powerful ruler—the Knight King Chehada—to turn back an invasion. Or kill him before he brings on that horrible future himself. What Empress Tai’sonn and Knight-King Chehada do not realize, though, is that the invasion, and the enemy, are much closer than either could have ever imagined.

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