Find Out About France: Learn French Words and Phrases / About Life in France / History and Culture

Duncan Crosbie

64 pages, Spiral-bound

ISBN: 0764159534


Language: English

Publish: 1136102400000

Each Find Out About book introduces boys and girls to a different country, its people, its history, its culture, and its language. The books are divided into four

Part Introduction–Takes readers on a journey across the country, pointing out major cities, places of special interest, and favorite sports and pastimes.
Part Everyday Life–Kids attend school and enjoy after-school activities, while the grownups pursue their professions, occupations, and trades.
Part History and Culture–Readers learn about a country’s political leaders and cultural figures, and visit distinctive landmarks and monuments.
Part The Language–Readers learn fundamentals of the country’s native language, including phrases for meeting people, finding their way around cities and towns, counting, telling time, and more.

The titles in this series Find Out About China, Find Out About France, Find Out About Italy, and Find Out About Spain. Here are fine supplements for elementary social studies and language classes, as well as books that kids will enjoy having at home to read. They’re the next-best alternatives to traveling to foreign lands. Color illustrations throughout.

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