Freddy and the Men from Mars

Walter Rollin Brooks

246 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 1585672696


Language: English

Publish: May 22, 2002

This news wouldn’t have disturbed Freddy and the other barn animals had not the paper further stated that their friend Mr. Boomschmidt had invited Mr. G. and his men from Mars to join Boomschmidt’s Stupendous and Unexcelled Circus. Freddy, ever ready to maintain his reputation as a detective, immediately suspects a hoax, and quickly sets out to expose it. How he manages to do so, with the help of Jinx, the Horrible Ten, and several other familiar allies-and a band of real Martians who turn up just in the nick of time-makes for one of the most hilarious of all the Freddy tales, a story that is simply out of this world!
“Freddy is simply one of the greatest characters in children’s literature!” (School Library Journal)

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