Freedom’s Shadow

Marlo Schalesky

336 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 1581342667


Language: English

Publish: May 10, 2001

Three lives each chained to the past. Three souls searching for the elusive shadow of freedom. Leaving his tribe behind, White Wolf finds himself in the midst of a war that echoes the indecision fighting within his own heart. Let go of the anger and fear that are his strength or remain imprisoned by the painful memories? It is a pilgrimage that will take him far from home, but back to his heritage. As war blazes on American soil, frontiersman Jonathan Grant returns to England to face his own past. There his new faith will be tested to the point of death–and he must decide whether to let his old ways and prejudices bind him again or to walk in the light that will release him. Driven by revenge, headstrong Annie Hill wants nothing more than to retaliate against the Indians for what they’ve taken from her. But how far will she go before realizing that vengeance only tightens the shackles on her heart? They are three souls whose paths will cross as they each try to run from the past. Three struggles leading to one that only forgiveness will set them free.

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