From Java to Ruby: Things Every Manager Should Know

Bruce A. Tate

160 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0976694093


Language: English

Publish: July 1, 2006


As a development team, you want to be productive. You want to write flexible, maintainable web applications. You want to use Ruby and Rails. But can you justify the move away from established platforms such as J2EE? Bruce Tate’s From Java to Ruby has the answers, and it expresses them in a language that’ll help persuade managers and executives who’ve seen it all. See when and where the switch makes sense, and see how to make it.

If you’re trying to adopt Ruby in your organization and need some help, this is the book for you.

Based on a decision tree (a concept familiar to managers and executives,) Java to Ruby stays above the low-level technical debate to examine the real benefits and risks to adoption.

Java to Ruby is packed with interviews of Ruby customers and developers, so you can see what types of projects are likely to succeed, and which ones are likely to fail. Ruby and Rails may be the answer, but first you need to be sure you’re asking the right question. By addressing risk and fitness of purpose, Java to Ruby makes sure you’re asking the right questions first.

Because technology adoption is only the beginning, Java to Ruby walks you through the whole lifecycle of prototype, ramp up, and production and deployment.

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