Homer’s Text and Language

Gregory Nagy

224 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 0252029836


Language: English

Publish: October 27, 2004

As Homer remains an indispensable figure in the canons of world literature, interpreting the Homeric text is a challenging and high stakes enterprise. There are untold numbers of variations, imitations, alternate translations, and adaptations of the Iliad and Odyssey, making it difficult to establish what, exactly, the epics were. Gregory Nagy’s essays have one central to show how the text and language of Homer derive from an oral poetic system. 
In Homeric studies, there has been an ongoing debate centering on different ways to establish the text of Homer and the different ways to appreciate the poetry created in the language of Homer. Gregory Nagy, a lifelong Homer scholar, takes a stand in the midst of this debate. He presents an overview of millennia of scholarly engagement with Homer’s poetry, shows the different editorial principles that have been applied to the texts, and evaluates their impact.

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