How to Talk to Women

Ron Louis

318 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0971907609


Language: English

Publish: December 1, 2002

You’ll discover exactly how to create real, genuine romantic connections with women without having to use artificial-feeling “canned patter” or memorized routines. You’ll discover exactly how to get the attention of the women you want so you can seduce the women YOU choose, rather than the “leftovers.” We’ll show you exactly how to never again be “stuck,” without knowing what to say, when you are talking to a woman. The book shows you proven techniques and exactly how and when to use them — helping you every step of the way, guiding and coaching you to become successful with women as quickly as possible. * How to leverage the hidden power of one simple question to open women up to you faster and deeper than you ever thought possible.
* The specific steps of joking around with women, and how to create romantic and flirtatious “running jokes” with them. You’ll see specific examples of this, and learn how to do it yourself with the women you encounter.
* How to go from flirting conversations to getting a woman’s phone number and email address.
* How to use the incredibly powerful romantic conversation tool called “Deepening” to get into a woman’s world and find out what she’s passionate about.
* How to talk to women seductively, even if you are shy.
* The five things you must do to turn a friend into a lover.
* How to build your confidence by understanding the “inner game” of talking to women.
* Three simple ways to get yourself to take action with women, even when you might not want to.
* How successful seducers use rejection to give them energy and power to move on to the next seduction, and exactly how you can use that power, too.
* Eight ways to end your panic around women, once and for all.
* How to ask romantic questions in ways that don’t seem corny or overly intrusive, but which still move the conversation in a romantic direction.
* The one mistake men make in asking a woman out that prevents more dates from happening than any other–and how to overcome it.
* The two things you must have in place for the first kiss to be successful.

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