Rudolph W. Giuliani

None pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0751533335


Language: English

Publish: January 1, 2003

The minutes and hours following the 11th September terror attacks on the World Trade Center posed the greatest challenge to governance in New York City’s history. Mayor Rudoph Giuliani had barely escaped with his life in the collapse of the first tower. Fires burned furiously near the site as the other buildings verged on collapse and Air Force fighter jets criss-crossed the sky to ward off other attacks. Yet in those moments after the calamity, and in the following days and months, Mayor Giuliani not only steered the city through the crisis, but did so with an assurance and authority that was hailed around the world as a model of courageous leadership. In this book, Giuliani describes vividly the chaos and horror of the twin towers catastrophe, and explains how the rules of management he enforced as Mayor enabled him to gain control of the emergency. These are also the rules, Giuliani makes clear, that anyone in a leadership position – from the head of a large corporation to the owner of a corner shop – can use to inspire others and achieve concrete results.

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