Motorcycle Owner’s Manual

Hugo Wilson

112 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0789416158


Language: English

Publish: May 26, 1997

An easy-to-use manual that shows you how to maximize your machine’s performance and save money on garage bills. Covering a wide range of bikes, from cruisers to choppers to scooters, the book teaches you all the essential skills you need to get your machine running at its best and keep it on the road. It complements your machine-specific manual by giving a clear, practical overview of all the basic work you can do on a motorcycle, in a well-organized, comprehensible form. Clear, step-by-step color photographs with easy-to-follow instructions walk you through everything from simple adjustments to complex repairs, making the process accessible to novice riders but detailed enough for experienced mechanics to learn from.

The text is written by Hugo Wilson, editor of Classic Bike and author of The Ultimate Motorcycle Book and Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle. In The Motorcycle Owner’s Manual, he focuses on the practical, day-to-day details of bicycle ownership, but brings a true motorcycle lover’s mentality (and experience) to the page.

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