Oblivion: Stories

David Foster Wallace

329 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0316010766


Language: English

Publish: 1125385200000


In the stories that make up Oblivion, David Foster Wallace joins the rawest, most naked humanity with the infinite involutions of self-consciousness—a combination that is dazzlingly, uniquely his. These are worlds undreamt-of by any other mind. Only David Foster Wallace could convey a father’s desperate loneliness by way of his son’s daydreaming through a teacher’s homicidal breakdown (“The Soul Is Not a Smithy”). Or could explore the deepest and most hilarious aspects of creativity by delineating the office politics surrounding a magazine profile of an artist who produces miniature sculptures in an anatomically inconceivable way (“The Suffering Channel”). Or capture the ache of love’s breakdown in the painfully polite apologies of a man who believes his wife is hallucinating the sound of his snoring (“Oblivion”). Each of these stories is a complete world, as fully imagined as most entire novels, at once preposterously surreal and painfully immediate. Oblivion is an arresting and hilarious creation from a writer “whose best work challenges and reinvents the art of fiction” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Mister squishy —
The soul is not a smithy —
Incarnations of burned children —
Another pioneer —
Good old neon —
Philosophy and the mirror of nature —
Oblivion —
The suffering channel

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