Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck

118 pages, Paperback

ISBN: None


Language: English

Publish: 431247600000


Alternative Cover Edition ISBN 0553266756 (ISBN13: 9780553266757)

Traveling across America in search of who you are – now they do it on cycles, in cars, by bus or in the time-honored tradition of foot and thumb. The wanderers of today may wear their hair long and speak a different jargon, but their trip is one that men (and women) have taken for as long as this country has been pushing at its frontiers.

John Steinbeck writes of such a trip in Of Mice and Men: the desperate longing of men for some kind of home – roots that they can believe in, land that they can care for – and the painful search for self. This beautiful, timeless novel speaks of the love that men can feel for each other – one inarticulate, dumb, sometimes violent in his need; the other clever, hopeful, and tied to a responsibility he thinks he doesn’t want.

–back cover

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