Pasta, Poppy Fields & Pearls

Sophia Bar-Lev

184 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 1482695391


Language: English

Publish: June 20, 2013

Four mature women from different parts of the world have chosen Tuscany as their retirement haven, expecting a quiet and tranquil existence. Little did they realize the adventures that awaited them. As their lively friendship develops, the best and the worst of each woman’s past experiences and memories begin to emerge and just when you think you know what’s next, a completely unexpected twist in the story will keep you turning the pages way past your bedtime. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry with Carmela, Janet, Cecilia and Paula Jean. You’ll walk through the streets of Florence with them and you’ll swear you can smell the aroma of Italian cappuccinos. You’ll partake of their struggles and celebrate their joys and when you reach the final page, you’ll feel as if they could easily be your next door neighbors, your best friends. This is a real life book, based on real life women, who embrace each day with gusto, live their senior life to the maximum and invite you to do the same.

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