Plays 1: Gasping / Silly Cow / Popcorn

Ben Elton

272 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0413736709


Language: English

Publish: 907225200000


Ben Elton’s plays in one volume for the first timeGasping: “. . . an often hilarious satire on yuppiedom, advertising and corporate greed” (Daily Telegraph); “. . . the sharpest futuristic comedy since Henceforward, and the best Green comedy since The Good Life was young.”(Financial Times). Silly Cow: “It has an ingenious plot. . . another perfect occasion for a Ben Elton satire on the modern world. . .” (Financial Times). Popcorn: “An enjoyable, intelligent, thought-provoking play” (Independent); “It thrills on stage precisely because it adopts the sick humour, sickening violence and downright sexiness of the Stone-Tarantino school of film-making that Elton is satirising” (Evening Standard).

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