Poetry for Young People: Edward Lear

Edward Lear

48 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 0806930772


Language: English

Publish: October 1, 2001


Utterly delightful to read aloud, and for parent and child to share, Edward Lear’s humorous verses shine with irrepressible joy and rhythm. Filled with exuberantly nonsensical made-up words (like “Scroobius Pip” and “pobble”!) that tickle the funny bone, his work gives free rein to youthful imaginations. What better to foster a love of poetry than the immediately appealing The Owl and the Pussy-Cat, with its effortless rhymes, songlike beat, and charming animal characters? Or The Quangle Wangle’s Hat, which tells the tale of a creature who warmly welcomes everyone–and so makes everyone cheerful. In Dingle Bank, even some young and mischievous boys punished by their schoolmaster make the best of their situation and succeed in having a good time. Bright and fanciful paintings–all as wildly energetic and unrestrained as the language itself–add to the enjoyment. 20 examples of Lear’s finest poems will entice children over and over again–and, as always, this acclaimed series features fascinating biographical information, introductions to each verse, and full annotations that define difficult vocabulary.

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