Rough Guide Directions: London

Rob Humphreys

224 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 1843533162


Language: English

Publish: July 5, 2004


Slim, stylish and pocketable, London Directions is full of ideas for stopovers and flying visits to Europe”s most exciting city and richly illustrated with hundreds of specially commissioned photos. There”s a full-colour introductory “Ideas” section full of inspired suggestions for visitors, from “Queasy London” and “Indulgent London” to “Riverside London” and “Free London”, with each selection cross-referenced to its location later in the guide. Flip to the practical “Places” section – split into 24 chapters – and explore the city, district by district, covering central London and the less obvious areas such as Smithfield, Clerkenwell and trendy Hoxton. Every sight, restaurant, bar and shop is located on user-friendly maps. The handy basics section covers everything from arrival and city transport to listings of cinemas and theatre venues.

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