Charles Willeford

279 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 0345349474


Language: English

Publish: June 12, 1988


Florida homicide detective Hoke Moseley’s life suddenly went to bell one morning. His ex-wife had married a big-time pro ballplayer. His two teenage daughters moved in. And his lieutenant had dumped ever? unsolved murder in Miami on him. So Hoke decided to bail out stretch out on Singer Island, give up police work, and watch the ocean roll.

But trouble wasn’t going to let Hoke get away. Not a stone’s throw from his laid-back new life, a slick, handsome psychopath was planning his next armed robbery. The heist would suck a curmudgeon retiree into a life of crime, blast a half-dozen people, off the planet, and leave nary a clue behind.

It was a case right up Hoke’s weird enough to catch his attention, personal enough to make him mad, and twisted enough to make Hoke forget he didn’t want to be a cop…a good guy in a world gone very, very bad.

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