Teaching English Abroad

Susan Griffith

574 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 1854583522


Language: English

Publish: 1167638400000


Fully revised eighth edition of the definitive and acclaimed guide to short and long-term opportunities around the world for both trained and untrained teachers in the booming field of teaching English as a foreign language. Opportunities exist from Bordeaux to Bogota, Paris to Patras and the Mediterranean to the South China Seas as the worldwide desire to learn English is fuelled by the gradual adoption of English as the language of the internet.Teaching English Abroad covers all the essentials for anyone considering working as an English teacher overseas, including:*Deciding to go and preparation.
*Training as an EFL teacher with details of 380 TELF courses in the USA and around the world.
*The different ways of finding a job.
*A specific guide to the opportunities in 88 countries.

Invaluable background information in the book includes a section on training as an EFL teacher on courses that last for periods from a weekend to two years; it also advises on the preparations to make before leaving to take up a job and on how to cope with any problems that may arise once actually working.Essential information provided by Teaching English Abroad on finding a job includes:*A directory giving the teacher requirements of more than 700 language schools worldwide.
*Over 1,000 additional language school addresses to contact for jobs.
*Recruitment organizations and useful websites.
*How to set yourself up as a freelance teacher.
*Finding jobs on the spot once abroad.

In addition the country guide in Teaching English Abroad covers 88 countries around the world where EFL is a major industry, giving information on the local prospects in each country for qualified and unqualified teachers, the red tape involved in taking up work, conditions of employment etc.

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