The Bone Collector’s Son

Paul Yee

137 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 0761452427


Language: English

Publish: 1072944000000


It’s 1907, and Bing’s father makes a living in Chinatown by digging up the bones of the dead before sending them back to China for a proper burial. Bing hates helping his father with his work, and things go from bad to worse when father and son discover that Mr. Shum’s skull is missing from his grave. Almost immediately, Bing and his father have a string of bad luck. Bing is convinced that it’s caused by Shum’s ghost, angry because of his missing skull. Eager to get away from his stern father, Bing accepts a job as a houseboy at the home of a famous white boxer. But even there he can’t get away from ghosts, as it turns out that the boxer’s house is haunted. Only by overcoming his fear of ghosts will Bing be able to calm the spirits that are disturbing the living—and the dead.

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