The Chap Manifesto: Revolutionary Etiquette for the Modern Gentleman

Gustav Temple

144 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 1841156574


Language: English

Publish: October 1, 2001


Something is amiss in society. At every level, the populace worships an unholy trinity of aspiration, vulgarity, and self-regard, while qualities such as courtesy and savoir-faire are pushed aside in the name of progress. The Chap Manifesto is a rallying point for the gentleman mired in postmodern confusion. Now, learn how to adjust your gloves with the correct degree of insouciance, how to behave at the revolutionary dinner table, and what items to pack in your anarcho-dandyist toolkit. Once you have mastered the sartorial and behavioral basics, you can move on to more advanced tactics, like The Trouser Semaphore and Random Acts of Common Courtesy. Racily illustrated throughout, this is a ripping Call to Charms.

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