The Life and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph

Truman G. Madsen

0 pages, Audio CD

ISBN: 1590382757


Language: English

Publish: 1080806400000


The Prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith, taught the world more of the doctrine and practical application of the gospel of Jesus Christ than it had known for centuries. In this enlightening eight-lecture series, Dr. Truman G. Madsen, a renowned expert on Joseph Smith, offers insights into the Prophet’s teachings on such topics as divine authority, the family, the nature and role of Christ, and the temple. Sharing faith-promoting events from Joseph’s life to illustrate, Dr. Madsen offers a thoughtful analysis of eternal principles and the Prophet’s role in restoring them to the earth. 8 lectures on 5 compact discs
Approx. running 355 min.

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