The New Glucose Revolution: Low GI Eating Made Easy

Jennie Brand-Miller

272 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 1569243859


Language: English

Publish: 1133251200000


In Everyday Low GI Eating , the authors of the New York Times bestseller The New Glucose Revolution show readers how to choose low-GI carbohydrates — the ones that produce only small fluctuations in our blood glucose levels — so that they feel fuller longer and increase their energy levels, making weight loss achievable and sustainable. Jennie Brand-Miller and Kaye-Foster-Powell, along with Philippa Sandall, offer a simple overview of the GI and why it’s such an effective dietary tool; a list of the top 100 low-GI foods divided into easy-to-follow sections such as fruit and veggies, breads and cereals, legumes, nuts, and indulgences; tips on low-GI cooking and shopping; and much more. Complete with a 7-day low-GI meal plan to start readers off on the right foot, Everyday Low GI Eating is a one-stop resource for all those looking for an easy way to make the switch to a low-GI lifestyle.

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