Think & Grow Rich: Instant Motivator

Napoleon Hill

0 pages, Audio CD

ISBN: 1932429158


Language: English

Publish: September 1, 2003


How can I get on the promotion fast-track?
How can I have greater confidence in my abilities?
How can I have better personal relationships?
How can I make more money? Napoleon Hill got the answers to those questions firsthand from over 500 of America’s most successful self-made millionaire businessmen. He interviewed them in depth, studied their habits, analyzed their methods and learned their secrets. He devoted twenty years to researching and proving his theories, then refined them into 13 powerful principles. Over 60 million copies sold
Think and Grow Rich revolutionized self-help writing, and to this day is the standard against which all motivational literature is measured. The book and the audiobook have helped literally millions and millions of people to lead richer, fuller lives. If you’ve never read or listened to Think and Grow Rich
The Instant Motivator is the perfect way to get a fast take on why Think and Grow Rich is the bestselling book about personal achievement ever written. It clearly and quickly reviews the 13 principles that can be used by anyone to create their own success and realize their dreams. If you’ve already read or listened to Think and Grow Rich
Remember how pumped up you were when you first read or listened to Think and Grow Rich , but now it feels like you’re losing your edge? This is the perfect antidote to chase away any doubts and remind you why you were so inspired and motivated. If you want fast reinforcement, the Instant Motivator hits the hot buttons so every word sticks. Recorded by famed broadcaster and commentator Earl Nightingale, this is the most motivating 42 minutes you’ll ever hear.

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