Augustine of Hippo

472 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 0911782893


Language: English

Publish: October 1, 1991

What Father Hill has provided is a splendid translation, made from a trustworthy Latin text, of what is for some of us the foundation work of Christian theology. He has fitted out his translation, clearly the best of the four that have been made into English, with notes that go well beyond the perfunctory and a 38-page introduction that is a delight to read. Journal of Religion and Health Barry Ulanov Hill has recovered the De trinitate for its dynamism, its intimacy are back; the voice, that of the author of The Confessions and the Sermons, is once again recognizable to English readers. Journal of Early Christian Studies John C. Cavadini University of Notre Dame The volumes on The Trinity and the Sermons already published have set a very high standard in accuracy and a lively, readable and idiomatic English style. They are a pleasure to read, instructive, and, with their introductions and notes, often illuminating. They will be useful to students, their teachers as well as a wider public. Robert A. Markus, Notre Dame University

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