Double Tap

Steve Martini

416 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 0515139734


Language: English

Publish: 1135670400000


Attorney Paul Madriani defends a highly decorated soldier who is on trial for murder, and unwittingly steps into a maze of secrets and lies that the government – and even this client – would rather leave hidden and undisturbed.Madriani is faced with arcane ballistics evidence, the so-called double tap – two bullet wounds tightly grouped to a victim’s head, from shots that can have been made only by a crack marksman. Madriani’s client is an enigma, a career soldier who refuses to talk about his past, though clearly he is a battle-tested pro. The victim was an alluring businesswoman and software tycoon whose empire catered to the military, and the most damning evidence is the weapon that killed her: a handgun used solely in special operations where the double tap is the trademark of the most skilled assassins.Madriani begins to have new fears about his client, a man who would rather sit on a legal time bomb than talk about his past and get a chance at acquittal. And yet more troubling, Madriani discovers that the victim was involved in a controversial government contract to combat terrorism by combing through the private computer records of millions of American citizens.Madriani faces a wilderness of mirrors in a courtroom battle where every witness can hide behind “national security,” where information is power and digital information is absolute power. It is a war in which the scales of justice are being tipped by evasion, deceit – and murder. Finding the unvarnished truth has never been so elusive – or so dangerous.

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